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Heroes in Everyday Places

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Here’s a story about a real hero in our community. Her name is Patty.

She didn’t look like a hero at first.

She came to us at age 24, an adopted child who grew up with three other children who also had special needs.

As you might imagine, life in Patty’s family was tough. She came to us with highly aggressive and disruptive behavior and that behavior kept her from doing even the simplest things like going to Walmart. She’d hit, scream, run away and do various things to gain attention. You see, Patty grew up with broken promises. So she assumed all promises would be broken. She was used to fighting, literally fighting, to get what she wanted.

At Fidelity House, Patty met Greg Deyermenjian. Greg led a team to help Patty build a new life. They helped Patty figure out the specific behaviors that were preventing her from experiencing the good things in life. Together, she and Greg designed a behavior plan that was tailored to her interests. Everyone involved in Patty’s life was asked to help. You’ve probably experienced how important having a plan can be. But that isn’t enough, is it? You have to live the plan. Patty rose to the occasion.

Her progress was slow. But steady. Patty was surprised that she could get attention with good behavior. She became focused and determined. After a while, she was able to enjoy trips to the park. The struggles were real. But with Greg’s help, she started realizing that she could enjoy more social situations like going to a birthday party or even to the mall. She stood taller, proud of herself.

For people like Patty, it takes more than a plan. It takes the knowledge, the patience and the commitment of people who care. Patty had a team of people who believed in her despite outward appearances.

While Patty still has rough days, she has positive things to look forward to — karaoke, getting a library card and making pottery. You can help people like Patty unlock their potential with your gift today. Helping people like Patty really is the same as putting a spotlight on people we can truly admire.

There are a lot more heroes like Patty. More than you’d expect. Would you like to discover them too? Would you please make a donation to Fidelity House Human Services by December 31st?

Your gift will send the message to Patty, and so many other Patty’s out there, “you can do it” no matter the obstacles and hardships.

When you make a donation to Fidelity House Human Services, you cheer for Patty. You cheer for her determination, focus, and grit and for the humor that comes along the way. You make it possible for her, and so many more like her, to get what they need to succeed. You can give securely at

Judy NormandinHeroes in Everyday Places

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