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Medical professionals, your experience is needed to monitor and protect the rights of people with intellectual/developmental disabilities who live in residential settings managed by Fidelity House Human Services. The committee meets monthly and members serve a two-year term.

  • Opening #1: A physician, dentist, or nurse.
  • Opening #2: A psychologist or Masters level practitioner with expertise in intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, mental illness, or applied behavioral analysis

Duties of the Fidelity House Human Services Human Rights Committee:

  1. To monitor and review the authorization and use of behavior modification interventions proposed for individuals served by Fidelity House Human Services, Inc. in accordance with the regulations of the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services (DDS).
  2. To monitor and review the authorization and use of all emergency restraints and other limitations on movement in accordance with 115 CMR 5.04 and 115 CMR 5.50.
  3. To monitor the conduct of research at Fidelity House Human Services’ sites to determine whether that research should occur and what protections would be needed. The research must also be reviewed by the DDS Research Review Committee. The Human Rights Committee monitors any approved research and assures that it is carried out in accordance with any conditions set by the DDS Research Review Committee.
  4. To monitor and review the means utilized by Fidelity House Human Services to (a) inform individuals, staff, guardians and families of the individuals’ rights, (b) to train persons served by the program in the exercise of their rights; and (c) to provide individuals with opportunities to exercise their rights to the fullest extent of their capabilities and interests.
  5. To review policies and procedures of Fidelity House Human Services as needed for compliance with the DDS regulations on human rights.
  6. To make recommendations to Fidelity House Human Services and DDS to improve the degree to which the human and civil rights of the individuals served are affirmed, promoted, protected and monitored.
  7. To visit the residential sites during operations, while the individuals being served are home, with or without prior notice.

For more information, please contact Wanda Gomez, VP of Residential Services,


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