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Medical Advocates Make All The Difference

Medical visits and medical procedures cause all of us to be a little anxious, but for individuals with disabilities, medical visits and procedures can be extra difficult. For example, Allison, who is diagnosed with a developmental disability, lives independently in her own apartment, and has many friends throughout the city. One day while at the

Get A Clue

Keeping Good Medical Records For people with intellectual and physical disabilities, who may not be able to describe their symptoms, keeping good medical records at home is essential for a number of reasons: Many different specialists might be involved in their care and interdisciplinary communication doesn’t always happen. Important information can be lost if the

Never Underestimate a Fall

One day, as Roberta rolled out of the house to go shopping, her wheelchair slipped off the side of the ramp, tipped over, and Roberta fell on the ground. Her caregiver checked her over, Roberta said that nothing hurt, and she was lifted back into her wheelchair. The next day, her lower legs were swollen

Advice You Won’t Find on WebMDⓇ

We at Fidelity House Human Services are thrilled to present the first article of a new series! These articles are designed to provide health-support advice for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The nurses at Fidelity House have found that proper medical care is extremely important to practice (and perfect) so that