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In light of the current COVID-19 Coronavirus health crisis, costs related to the care of the people we serve and the safety of our employees are skyrocketing. Our dedicated employees, nurses, and clinicians are working long hours and facing new challenges every day in order to keep people healthy, safe, and comfortable.

YOU can make a difference by donating to the COVID Response Fund today. 100% of funds raised will go towards emergency response needs. Help us provide essential services to people in the FHCRC network who are most at risk. 

Check out more ways to donate today and see how our campaign is going here:


*Donations may be used to cover the above expenses or anything else the agency deems necessary during the COVID-19 Coronavirus health crisis.
  • Thank you for a wonderful Bowling Banquet. The food was delicious, the company just great!! Best of all – watching the happiness on the faces of each bowler receiving an award!! Thank you

    Fran Danahy, Grandmother
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