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Are you looking for qualified employees?

Our employment team at Fidelity House CRC has over 30 years of experience with training and job placement for hard working, motivated adults with disabilities. We will work with you to meet your employment needs. Through careful review, we select qualified candidates whose interests and skills are a good match with the jobs you need done. Our team will provide ongoing support and communication, as needed, to ensure a successful placement.

Features of Fidelity House CRC job placement:

  • Part time or full time candidates
  • No placement fees
  • Pre-screened workers
  • Job readiness training for employees
  • Ongoing support and communication
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits
  • High satisfaction rate among employers
  • Low attrition
  • Serving the entire Merrimack Valley and North Shore area of Massachusetts

For more information, please contact or call us at 978-374-9122.

  • "Your team is compassionate, thorough, and tenacious."

    Carmen Fulchini, Home Depot Manager
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